Book of Glebe

A neverending story

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Name(s): Eumin (That's all of my RL name you need to know. If you know more, then good for you.), Karu, Yumster
Current Occupation: Chemical Engineering Student; That Strange Glebe

I play on two RPs: Angel Fall and Destiny of the Elements.
On Angel Fall, I play Karu and Lena. I am also one of the Judges and currently the temporary Head Judge. If you have any questions about AF stuff, do not hesitate to ask through a comment, email, PM, or IM. If I'm on, shoot for it.

On Destiny of the Elements, I play Abeni, the snarky shellfish girl.

If I'm on MSN, and you think it's late for me, it probably is. If you ask me why I'm on, I'll probably respond with homework. Trust me guys, if I could be sleeping, I most likely will be. I like my sleep.

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